Mohak & Jinal Pre Wedding Shoot in Modhera Sun Temple

Mohak & Jinal have a plan for a Pre-wedding Shoot in Modhera, a heritage place. After some suggestions we have planned out the beautiful Modhera Sun Temple set along with the backdrop of River Pushpavati, surrounded by a terra-formed garden of flowering trees and songs of birds, rests the famed Sun temple of Modhera. Let's talk about Mohak & Jinal. Mohak is very expressive and charming while taking photos but Jinal is a Little calmer and pretty at the same time. pre wedding shoot in modhera Sun temple is all in all a great experience for Us

I try to spice things up by asking some funny questions about each other and it was fun capturing them with them. We are so into talking and taking photos,  time flies so fast we didn't even notice it. we capture some memorable pictures with some sweet memories that after some years, Images will feel so dreamy! Thank you for choosing me as your friend and photographer!P.S.  Pre wedding shoot in modhera sun temple may need some permissions after covid 19 so make sure to check with us before planning to shoot there !