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"Love is the essence of Life"

We specialize in authentic & organic Indian wedding photography, destination weddings, and Wedding Films.

One Eye Vision is an Indian Wedding Photographer and Filmmaker Duo of Two Brothers. We are like two brush strokes on a canvas, each unique in its own way, yet coming together to create a masterpiece.

Photographs are like time capsules, preserving our dearest memories for generations. Our passion at One Eye Vision is to create intentional, artful, and cinematic films and wedding photos that tell your story.

It’s when you’re being yourself and forget all about the camera.

Mehul Alisha Wedding Film
We believe in crafting real Intentional Imagery and Real heartwarming wedding films capturing moments. It is easy to give you a video of your wedding, it takes an artist to give you a film.
Wedding Films


Mehul & Alisha Pre wedding Photography Couple shoot (15)