One Eye Vision is more than a name

At the heart of One Eye Vision lies a remarkable story of resilience and unwavering determination. In 2007, life took an unexpected turn, As Bhargav Bhatt lost his right eye to circumstances beyond his control. Despite this challenge, Bhargav's indomitable spirit and innate gift for visualizing and understanding the world around him shone brightly.

Drawing strength from his journey, we infuse every frame, every click, with the magic of One Eye Vision. With Bhargav's meticulous eye for detail and Varun's seasoned craftsmanship, our creations embody a fusion of insight and imagery, a synergy that evokes emotion and tells stories beyond words.

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Hi! I am Varun


We believe that stories are worth holding on to and passing on for generations to come. We believe in crafting Real Intentional Imagery and Real heartwarming wedding films.

Let's Keep It Genuine

Authentic films begin with trust, and my preferred way to establish that is through a phone call or Facetime chat. As I limit my bookings to about 20 weddings annually, ensuring our compatibility is a key part of the process. Ultimately, you deserve to have a filmmaker you're genuinely thrilled to welcome to your wedding day.Capture the love and emotions in intimate destination weddings. If you are planning a smaller wedding?

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