Ankur & Minal – Ambapur stepwell Engagement Photography

Ankur contacted me about their plans for Engagement photography somewhere near Ahmedabad. Besides he has scheduled his all functions and wedding rituals in India within 15 days time visa period (Covid 19 Duh !) We planned a convenient place to reach in time and matched the theme, We choose Ambapur Stepwell Again! Let's talk about their Story First! They both met in college while studying together in North Carolina. One day Ankur proposed to Minal with help of their friends on Valentine's day surprisingly She wanted Him to Propose to her first! Since then they were inseparable!

Ankur is a whole-hearted Gujarati guy with lots of Dynamic personalities. Very energetic and funny guy! On the other hand, Minal is a little introverted and shy but a Sparkling Beauty! When I asked them how did they find us, it's funny that they Researched Everything about me and the Style of Shoot I do! We just hang out like friends! Like Its that easy! The first time I have witnessed their two moms watching their pre-wedding shoot with us! When this shoot ends, We Have some Traditional Food at a Famous restaurant Just like a Family! That's It! I hope you like the photos!