What is a Mood board ?

A mood board is simply an idea or inspiration board on which couples display their favourite images. Couples add images and videos to their mood board to visually communicate aspects of their style preferences.

For example, you might love the angle or composition , a Specific pose or Lighting , the style how we edit our photos and videos .

Mood Board is Simply collection of your favourite photos in one place and that is Pinterest !

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How to Create a Mood board ? 6 Easy Steps

  1. Create a Pinterest account (or sign in to your existing account)
  2. Create a Board called “Pre wedding Moodboard” (Be sure to leave it public)
  3. Visit the One Eye Vision Pinterest, Our Portfolio, and “Pin” images that you like, making sure you add a detailed description of why you like the image.  The majority of your images should come from the One Eye Vision website.
  4. Add in a few more images that you like from around the web (along with descriptive captions).
  5. Once complete, send the Moodboard URL to our Studio Contact
  6. After reviewing the mood board, we will set up a conference call/ meeting with you and your photographer to review the mood board together and to review the details of the event.

 An Ideal Moodboard Contains

  • It does not have too many images (20-30 is just fine)
  • It is NOT a shot List
  • It has detailed descriptions
  • It includes shots from your wedding venue or similar wedding venues

Lets create memories

We believe that building relationships with our clients is the best way to serve them. This is why we meet all our clients personally. Every couple and wedding is unique and we ensure we give wings to your moments and you cherish them forever.