Yuvraj & Shikha's Intimate Pre-wedding photos are examples of Simple Be Yourself personal within us. We love the chemistry that speaks for itself. It is very hard to get emotional on camera but there is something between Yuvraj & Shikha that we take out these moments at the perfect time. Intimate Pre-wedding shoots are less common because they are personal moments of couples. Thank you, Yuvraj & Shikha, for permitting me to showcase my work so that I can serve people like you!

The deepest moments of intimacy occur when you’re not talking. — Patricia Love

Intimacy is often confused with sex, but in actuality, it involves feeling deeply emotionally connected with another person and a desire to be deeply known. Intimacy is not something achieved quickly, but rather something that continues to mature and develop over time, like a garden or fine wine. Although intimacy is something many of us long for, not all of us find or experience it in our relationships.

This is because intimacy involves being vulnerable — taking emotional risks and working through the fear of allowing another person to see you as you truly are. It involves trust, caring, acceptance, safety, and connection. To nurture intimacy is to be willing to show all sides of yourself, to embrace differences, to grow from conflict, and to choose our partners — the individuals we share our hearts with — wisely.

PhotographyVarun BhattFilmBhargav BhattLocationhttps://goo.gl/maps/6vpGY9tnNJQpwGMq8

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