Here is the Awesome couple Shailesh & Pooja's Udaipur Pre-wedding shoot. Udaipur, the beautiful capital of Mewar, Rajasthan, is a royal tourist destination for travelers who love history, culture, and architecture. Udaipur is also called 'the city of lakes. One of the most popular lakes in Rajasthan, Lake Pichola is embedded with architectural gems and iconic landmarks of Udaipur. We started our Shoot from Ambrai Ghat at Lake Pichola, Clear view of City Palace and Taj lake palace in the evening with the sun going down is a fully refreshing way to start the shoot. Set the mood to take some good pictures for Shailesh & Pooja.Shailesh & Pooja are Travellers and By professionals in the Aviation industry. They actually met as colleagues and started their journey from there. They both wanted something memorable for their Pre-wedding shoot so they decided to explore Udaipur as a Pre-wedding destination. We went to Badi Lake For awesome-looking Mountain terrain and Beautiful Landscape across your eyes in the morning to capture some Awsome moments in the Golden hours. They were a really awesome couple to shoot because Pooja agrees to wear this awesome white gown there. At noon We go to Udaipur streets to roam casually around the market and nearby places. and in the evening we visit Gangaur ghat. All in all Udaipur Pre-wedding shoot was full of travel, excitement & a relaxing experience for them both. the best thing to choose about Udaipur for your pre-wedding photography is it has all cool locations in one place, plus a perfect getaway from Ahmedabad because it's not far from here. Waiting to shoot your wedding after this. Thank you for choosing us as your storytellers!