Intimate Wedding photos – Sandeep & Rinku

A unique Love story. Two young minds wed in their second innings. An intimate wedding is starting out as a thing after pandemic times, And Families are considering a Home wedding culture with the only family and limited guests . This is a perfect example of True love do not have boundaries! Sandeep sir and Rinku man are Very reserved and Passionate couples.

Normally couples are at my age or near my age. but with Sandeep Sir and Rinku mam, I always feel like they are like my friends. Friends who like to drink coffee together & Hangout. Although my job was a little difficult then, To understand them first what they like and how can I capture their story best way possible.  When I was asking some personal questions they were not hesitant to convey it.

They both like fitness, Cycling & tennis are their favorite things to do together. They both were coffee lovers & workaholics as well. When they contacted me first, I was not aware that they were together for a decade. After all these years they were finding the right moments to tie knots with their family as well. I respect their approach because, After some age its difficult to make such decisions with their family involved. I am very glad that they choose me as their storyteller. This Film is specially crafted for you. Hope you like it! also Check out their Intimate wedding photos below this film !



Film: Bhargav Bhatt

Photography: Varun Bhatt, Nirav Gajjar

Location: Ahmedabad