Ronak & Kinnari’s Gorgeous Wedding Memories – First he receive Her bio from his sister, He saw her photo and  Love at first sight ! Without wasting any time he goes to online horoscope matching and make sure she is matching in every way ! When he goes to kinnari’s house first time to see her. They Both know now that they are perfect for each other . Spent some time on chatting and calling each-other . both were super exited any say yes to their family . But There is a confusion, Who calls first to confirm the approval !? both families are waiting for each others approval. And At last … They are Married now ! Kinnari is very genuine and Kind hatred lady, On the other hand Ronak is Handsome Passionate man . One Dentist and other is Entrepreneur. I still remember their jokes of kinnari sending dental teeth photos to Ronak to annoy him evey day ! And Ronak talks scientific definition of love for kinnari ! They really Made for Each other ! 

Enjoy some of their Wedding moments Here !